Guillaume Agis - Software engineer
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My skills

A quick summary about what I am good at.


Growth hacking, scripting,tracking Data

Mobile development

Development on Android, IOS phone and Google Glass

Software development

Java,Python, Php, Scala, Js, Go++..


I have so much fun building mobile apps...

Onrusher android app

OnRusher app

Improve the performance, reduce compilation time and the size of the app

events and news android app

Time Out digest

Burning news and events in London

Social networking android app

Social Networking app

Between Facebook and Instagram

Furnitures Recommendation mobile app

DecorateMe @ Hackathon Hack The House 2015

Furnitures Recommendation app, built in less than 24hours alone.

Notification view on android

Social Networking app

Notification view

Food delivery android app

Food delivery app

Fancy a lunch ?

Freelancer / Founder

Proposing my services in software development for the ones who need it !

Freelance android apps

Since 2015 I have been helping many early-stage startups to build their mobile app. Amazing compagnies such as :
- Touch Surgery (Google Glass + mobile app)
- MyCape
- OnRusher
- Yealh
- Wango
- Kiactiv
- And many more....

If you need help to build your mobile app or your back-end, feel free to contact me.
I will be happy to help you !


... but my thing is innovation. I would like to improve the way of we do things, how we live. I want to help good causes as well.

Detection of car crash and condition of the patients

Baywatch (IoT) @ Hackathon TelHack 2015

Detection of car crash and condition of the patients in real time.

Big data and machine learning


Using Big data and machine learning to detect deseases.

Google glass app for surgeons

Support surgeons with Google Glass

Built 2 apps on Google Glass to support surgeons in the operation room.

About Me

Graduated From a MSc

During 5 years I have developed more than 120 small projects. Mainly in C++, C, Java. Always in team. Sometimes across 3 continents.

Creative and self starter, I decided to create my own company during my 3rd years. Today The company is still running and growing.

win prize Hackathon

Won the prize of the Best Developer during a Hackathon

During the hackathon HackTheHouse in London 2015, I won the prize of the best developer after developing a full android app learning from the user and recommend him the ideal furniture.

Give advices and help entrepreneurs

I love helping entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to achieve their goals. How I do that? share my knowledge, advice them and propose my services.

Alone you will go fast. But together we will go far.

Need help or advice for your project? Let me know !

give talk entrepreneurs
Apache Mahout essential

Never miss an opportunity to be pro active and learn more

I was part of a team to review a technical book about Apache Mahout. A framework about Machine Learning.

I am passionate about innovation. Also happy to be part of project to make the difference and "make this world a better place" .

Share my knowledge

I love sharing my knowledge and speak about subjects that I really like. It is always an opportunity to challenge your knowledge and learn more.
My talk about "The growth of wearable technology" has more than 7500 views on slideshare.

While42 London Facebook meetup

Build the non-existent

All around the globe french tech engineers are recognized for their skills, but they suffer from a lack of a real global association. So we built one : While42.

I manage the chapter in London. I organise tech meetups in London and bring people to meet and help other.